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Looking to take your recordings to the next level? To add the elements that take your song out of the box and turn it into a living, breathing piece of music?


It might be difficult to hire and coordinate with an entire orchestral woodwind section. It could be expensive to get your top 5 saxophonists into a room, at the same time just to record your new big band album (especially if you want them to bring doubles!). Maybe you'd love to get hire proficient in a style of traditional music, but you find yourself a few thousand miles from the nearest available musician.


On top of all that, don't forget about studio and engineer fees.


But there's a simple solution to all this: Josh Plotner's professional remote recording studio.

Tracks are usually delivered within 24 hours. Satisfaction guaranteed. Josh offers competitive rates and prices each session on a case-to-case basis. Please fill out the form on the Contact Page for a rate sheet and more information:

For more information and verified testimonials, see below or visit his pages on Session Exchange and AirGigs.




  • Neumann U87 AI (condenser, close mic)

  • AKG C214 Matched Pair (condenser, room mics unless otherwise requested)

  • sE8 (small diaphragm condenser, alternate close mic)

  • Shure SM7B with Cloudlifter (Dynamic, alternate close mic)

  • Golden Age Project R1MKII (ribbon, alternate close mic)

  • MXL V67G (condenser, alternate close mic)


  • UA Apollo 8 QUAD

  • ART TPS II (alternate pre-amp)



Need the rest of the orchestra? A rhythm section? Maybe a Gamelan ensemble. In addition to remote woodwind recording, Josh has a unique and ever-growing network of musicians for both live and remote contracting. Whether it’s a jazz big band, a string quartet, or an unusual traditional instrument, Josh’s global network of musicians encompasses almost every individual or ensemble anyone could need.

Additionally, Josh has extensive experience working with the American Federation of Musicians (AFM), including acting as an in-house contractor on Broadway. He is familiar with AFM contracts and regulations.


When all the details are taken care of you can focus on the music, not logistics.

Mixer Keys



While many musicians set prices hourly or by sessions, Josh finds that this creates a less-than-ideal working environment for both the client and the artist. The client becomes incentivized to accept rushed work (more material produced in fewer hours), and the artist is incentivized to work inefficiently.

Josh factors in total minutes of music, number of instruments, layers (e.g. Clarinet I/II/III), and number of cues to arrive at a custom quote. Whether it's Take 1 or Take 30, Josh's prices are straightforward with no surprises. His rates also include any revisions needed based on his performance (revisions due to client changes may cost extra), so you can be confident you'll get what you need for the agreed upon price.


Josh's rates are competitive, but if you have a specific budget, feel free to include that when contacting him, and he'll do his best to accommodate. If you have any questions or are ready to book, simply fill out the Contact Form here:

Recording Process Made Simple

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